Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine

Body of Evidence: Crop Circle Science

“There are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

- Swedish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard

Crop Circles occur in nearly every kind of cereal crop and grain, including wheat, rye, barley, rape, oats and corn, as well as in grass, rice and other vegetation.  While predominantly found in England, they appear regularly in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, throughout Europe and elsewhere.  Occurring much more frequently since 1989, there are usually from 100 to 250 found annually worldwide.(1)  Today they are often hundreds of feet in diameter, complex, intricately woven and geometrically precise and the majesty of each one’s appearance makes it singularly striking to witness.  As with Nature’s creations, no two are ever the same and perhaps what is most interesting about the phenomenon is its continuing evolution.

Physical Changes:  Uniformly world-wide, the flat appearance of the circle is generated, not by the stems of the plants being broken down or forced over, but by a 90º bending of the plant itself at the root node.  Plants in the area of the design show: bent rather than broken stems, stretched plant nodes, enlarged stalks, expulsion cavities and changes to the seed heads.  In the formation’s construction, the grain itself is woven together flat along the ground with one layer beneath the next set at cross-angles, fans of wheat folded gracefully together are hidden beneath the formation’s top surface. 

Soil Mineral Crystallinity Changes: A report produced by BLT research using a variety of experts and labs in this field shows that a subtle decrease in KI (Kulber index) value in soil mineral crystallinity in the area of formations correlates with the node length changes at 99% certainty.  Thus it is certain that whatever caused the changes in crystallization of soil minerals also caused the plant abnormalities.  

Biochemical Changes:  Biochemical changes in affected plants have also been found throughout the history of research into the phenomenon.  Pringle (1999) reports changes in both plants and soil taken from inside formations and compared to control samples, having a 2:1 variation in the nitrate/nitrogen content of samples taken from genuine circles.3 A study by the British Agricultural Development and Advisory Service, a division of the Ministry of Agriculture, found an increase in the nitrogen/nitrate ration to be present.(4)  Other studies found depletion and elevation of nutrients, including, again, a 2:1 loss of nitrates, phosphates and sulphur and an excess of cobalt, carbon, plutonium and zinc. These effects may occur as a result of a rapid, extreme heating process.(5)

Cellular Changes: “On the microscopic level, abnormal enlargement of cell wall pits in bract tissue (a thin membrane which surrounds the seed-head and through which nutrients pass to the developing seed) were found.” (Levengood) This change in cell structure, including expanded and elongated cell wall pits, is clearly evident in microscopic photo images.

Germinal Changes Possibly due to the cellular level changes, effected plants show significant changes in seed growth behavior. Where a Crop Circle formation has arrived early in the plants life cycle, later growth in feed head size is reduced dramatically or the seeds themselves may be stunted.  However, “if a crop formation occurs in a much more mature crop, then what we see is extremely energized seeds so that they then reproduce at five times the normal rate . . . .”(Talbott) (6)  Also the next year’s growth often mirrors, by surplus or absence, the shape of the previous year’s formation. 

Electromagnetic Changes:  Changes in electromagnetic radiation have also been frequently reported in the area of formations.   Researchers and pilots report evidence of very increased levels of electromagnetic radiation levels in genuine formations as well as a variance in the magnetic field around them.  A 1975 newspaper report from Manitoba, Canada describes similar findings:

...With a radiation detector they went over the field and discovered four or five patches where radiation counts were four times higher than the count for the rest of the field.  Checks with scientists revealed these radiation jumps were not be found naturally in the area.  Two weeks later, the men returned with the radiation detector to the same spot, and a provincial geologist.  Even though heavy rains had fallen, and the field had been ploughed since the first check, the increase in radiation in the same patches was easily detectable.  (Brandon Sun newspaper, July 11, 1975) 

Electrical Equipment Failure:  These electromagnetic energies are thought to account for the frequent reports of electrical equipment failure and other anomalies within formations.  Nearly every book, film and experienced researcher relates such accounts, which include the sudden draining of previously charged batteries (including new ones), upon entering the circle, and photo, video and sound equipment failing to operate within formations, yet functioning normally again outside.  Even BBC video equipment has been damaged by such effects.(7)  There are innumerable incidents of electric anomalies and electrostatic discharge experienced  in and around genuine formations by visitors (including military vehicles). (8)

Precision of Construction:   The wheat in these formations is not simply pushed over, but rather woven together, layer beneath layer often in a tiered spiral fan.  Often single flowers of another species are left standing untouched in the midst of grain laid-flat and woven together, center stalks are often left standing together and bird’s nests can be found untouched.  In genuine formations, the pattern often weaves in and out of each other with the grass laid exactly at cross-angles, blooming forth with perfect geometry.  Some are constructed so tightly and woven so precisely that they reflect the sunlight when seen from the air  This complexity and intricacy of construction is also displayed in the smooth “seamless curves”9 of the perimet

er walls of formations–the outer edges left standing around the flattened design and the consistently precise geometry often oriented around central standing stalks. 

Size and Speed of Construction: The size of many modern formations is also considered to be an impediment to hoaxing.  The 1996 Julia set formation found at Stonehenge was formed less than a hundred feet from a busy highway and numerous witnesses cannot account for its sudden appearance in less than 45 minutes, in broad daylight.10 

Early in July 1996 a pilot flew a light aircraft over the field opposite Stonehenge at 5:50 p.m., and saw nothing in the field.  Half an hour later, a second pilot spotted the enormous and spectacular Julia Set in the previously empty field, measuring some 915' by 508' in the wheat.  A gamekeeper and a security guard at the monument both confirm that the formation was not there in the morning, but had appeared by the evening, and there is evidence from the police that the pictogram formed in under 15 minutes.  (Pringle, 1999, p. 12) 11


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