Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine


Sparked by their curiosity, thousands of people have contributed to the study of Crop Circles around the world.  Amongst the many who have contributed to the investigation of this phenomenon there are very few who would claim to have found the answer to its mystery.  I am proud to count myself among them.  This work is an attempt–only–to sketch a framework for deeper consideration of the question of Crop Circles.  If you are looking for an answer, or a solution to this phenomenon’s riddle, best to look elsewhere.  At best, I hope to offer only a direction, a route by which to begin tracking something very elusive (yet that seemingly wants us to follow it).   For all those who have engaged with this phenomenon for some time, it is a source of deepening wonder and it is to that experience that you are invited.

In historical documents dating from 16th century England to 1970’s Saskatchewan, Canada, people have recorded their observations of Crop Circles.  Prior to the explosion of this phenomenon in the last twenty-five years, and ever since, people’s reports chronicle their efforts to witness what they saw.  Those who have encountered the phenomenon have chosen to study it, following their curiosity, and in response to their own felt interest, honoured their own inner compulsion. 

I strongly believe that the significance of this phenomenon is available to all of us and that engagement with it should not be reserved from anyone; it challenges us all and is open to us all.   However, this subject does introduce readers to ideas that may be new to them, it brings up wide categories of thought and poses broad questions–questions that stretch the imagination and our preconceptions.  Answering these questions necessitates a labour on the part of those interested in it.

Primarily, I believe that this subject asks of its investigators (of which you now are one) a more actively engaged participation–not a simple reading–but a ‘dance for two’.  Each of us responds differently to new things in general and whether we bring to this topic a skeptical brow or a wide-eyed enthusiasm, we do not come to it empty-handed.  It is in the nature of how we engage with our own first responses to this phenomenon that I believe the burden of our work in response to it lies.  Meeting this task involves a willingness to play with our own responses, to be in process with them, rather than attaching and identifying with our own initial reaction.  I have yet to meet two people who feel exactly the same way about Crop Circles, and I have also found that, over time, our engagement with the facts and theories that surround them changes and deepens.  Given time and place this labour yields its own fruit for each of us. Participation in this engagement brings a mirror to the new possibilities inherent within us, hosting what is evoked by the phenomenon.

 "Both psychologically grounded and open to the inspiring awe of this new wonder, Bobroff's approach is one that is accessible to everyone and no prior exposure to Jung or Crop Circles is require." ~ Dr. KD Farris, author of MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT

"Unflinchingly intelligent! Vital and important. Original, insightful and resonant with hope. You fearlessly acknowledge the deep mystery inherent in the Crop Circle phenomenon and gently offer a way for people to absorb, accept and understand." ~ Laura Ferguson, Director, College of the Melissae — Sacred Beekeeping School


Gary Samuel Bobroff, M.A. grew up in the province of Saskatchewan in the Canadian city of Saskatoon–the “Paris of the Prairies.”  He studied philosophy at the University of British Columbia and Jungian Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  He has been privileged to visit Crop Circles in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.  

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Recommended Viewing:

Academy Award nominated director William Gazecki’s excellent documentary Crop Circles: Quest for Truth.  This film (which is available on DVD) provides the best visual introduction to the science and depth of complexity found in this phenomenon.  Watch for free on YouTube with commercials:

Recommended Websites:

Excellent online resources are led first of all, by the site of the BLT research team:

Their thorough and up-to-date site presents the best collection of scientific research on the phenomenon available online and is highly recommended. 

Bert Janssen's Crop Circles and more website has great articles and work on the geometry of Crop Circles, but is perhaps best for its on-going interactive Google Maps perspective of each year's formations:

site is exclusive to members but is inexpensive, and both are recommended.

Karen Douglas and Steven Alexander’s great site for photography, videos and articles:

A recommended new site is:

emphasizes video and photo imagery taken inside of the formations themselves.   

Many international sites are also recommended: the website of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network,, directed by Paul Anderson, is one of the best.  The by Dutch Crop Circle researcher, Janet Ossebard’s  is excellent, as is the German site of Andreas Muller,, and the Finnish site by Martin Keitel,

Recommended Books: Steve and Karen Alexander’s new book Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries (2006) is a stunning photographic compilation and includes very insightful writing.  If you are looking for a single visual introduction, I would highly recommend this book. 


"An original masterpiece!" — Andrew Harvey, author of The Essential Mystics, Son of Man, The Return of the Mother

"A tremendous achievement! Clear, lucid and comprehensive."— Anne Baring, author of The Myth of the Goddess

"One of the most original and valid approaches to the crop circles that I have read for a long time!" Andy Thomas, author of The Truth Agenda & Vital Signs

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